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Jon M Owings MD FACS is a leading provider of Radiesse treatment in Huntsville, AL. Using the latest techniques and advances in wrinkle treatments, we can help you look younger and fight back against aging.

Collagen is a major part of what makes young skin look young. This protein is what gives skin its natural elasticity and flexibility. As we age, this collagen begins to break down, allowing wrinkles and lines to form on the skin. Radiesse gives the skin the structure that is missing due to collagen loss and promotes the growth of new collagen for months after the initial treatment. Radiesse is approved to treat the wrinkles and folds surrounding the nose and mouth and its effects can last for up to a year and a half or more.

Radiesse is a safe, cost-effective anti-aging solution. It is long-lasting and often can be used in smaller quantities than other cosmetic dermal fillers. In addition, Radiesse patients in trials have reported being significantly more satisfied with their results than other fillers. While not suitable for all areas of the face, including the lips, Radiesse is a treatment for wrinkles that works.

When you work with us, we will determine whether Radiesse or our other cosmetic injections are right for you and recommend which injections are best suited to your cosmetic needs. We have been in this business for years, and we know how to give people the appearance they want.

Radiesse treatment is quick and effective. While every patient is different, many patients are able to go directly back to their everyday activities after their treatment. Contact us for more information and to discuss potential side effects.

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